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Top 10 animals that live after death Every human wants to be immortal and this desire are as old as we humans, not knowing how many humans have invested themselves in life-threatening investments, but to date, humans have not achieved success in this work.

But in this world, some such people exist even today among us who have developed themselves so much that these animals can beat even death.

Animals that can live after death.
Animals that can live after death.

Even if not for the whole life, they live for a few days even after they die. So today we are going to talk about Animals that can live after death.

Animals That Can Live After Death

  1. Cockroach

You must have heard one thing about this small creature, due to which it is in this list, the body of this small organism is so strong that even if the nuclear bomb means nuclear attack in the world, it will do nothing.

It is true that its nuclear attack will destroy all the other animals but the cockroaches will live and not only that, they can live for a week without head and feet.

After reading this, the question may be coming in your mind, how is it possible?

So friends, after some part is cut in humans, blood starts bleeding due to blood secretion and till the wound gets bigger and too much blood comes out till our death.

Animals That Can Live After Death

But in the cockroach, it is not a problem because it has an operculum system that does not cause blood circulation in the cockroach, and when the head or leg is cut, their wounds slowly heal by themselves and they continue to survive.

Apart from this, there is an important element of the brain in humans, without which it is impossible to take a mother-in-law, while cockroaches are found in the body of the cockroach, due to which they keep taking the mother-in-law without the head.

This is the reason why they remain alive even after some parts of their body are cut. and Animals that can live after death.

2. Bees

You must have gone to the Chowk after hearing the name of Bees because every person knows that if we cut them in two, it dies instantly.

But friends, Bees can still sting you after death, but this is different, after death, you will not be able to sting yourself.

But even after death, their poison continues to work, after the sting, the bite is separated from their body and this sting remains alive till the poison in the human body is released.


Friends, there are small muscles in this sting which also pump the poison into the body of the victim, even this work is done even after being separated from the bees.

Which tells us that some part of the bees remains alive even after death.

So if you ever see any of my bees, then think twice before lifting from it that it should not happen that you may have to suffer because of it.

3. Chickens.

Maybe some people get scared to see live chicken without a head near them, but friends, it is possible because the chickens can live for many months even after cutting the head several times.

And this is not because it is a zombie, but instead, it has a nervous system that is completely different from us humans.

And many of the basic processes that occur in them do not control their brains, but rather the brain strength found in their entire body controls it so that despite their sudden cut of their neck, their brain stamp is not known to them and that earlier Just like moving your body.


And even a case was found in which a chicken who was found at home was taking mother-in-law even after being cut and her neck was put food with the help of a tube and like this cock for 18 months without Head was alive.

4. Octopus

Did you know beforehand that even after cutting the octopus in many parts, it remains alive and not only live, but it also keeps moving its hands and feet?

And even some native people of Asia like to eat similar food due to which many times it sticks in the neck of people, due to which they have to face many problems in the neck.

This happens because of the unique central nervous system, even after being cut, the hands of the octopus keep working.

octopus  Can Live After Death
octopus Can Live After Death

And the same two-dimensional nervous system found in their body is in these tentacles, due to which I have kept working on the hands of the octopus even after separating from the body.

And even after the normal death, the hands of the octopus remain alive for a few days and they keep moving the killed octopus. These Animals can live after death.

5. Salamander

This is such a unique creature that has an amazing power that made scientists around the world think. And scientists are still trying to develop this feature in humans.

This organism makes itself the same part after any part of its body is cut, after which people start understanding the magic from it and this newborn part works just like the previous part.

salamander  Can Live After Death
salamander Can Live After Death

And in some cases, it gets better than before but it is due to the special kind of protein which is found in a good amount in this organism.

Although this protein is also present in humans, due to the very amount of work and due to this protein, it helps to heal our wounds, but even today scientists are doing research on this feature of this organism and want to know whether the future I, humans, can make new parts in humans also with its help.

6. Frog

There is also a power in this, due to which their brain continues to move even after their brain gets spoiled if they say in clear words, they live without any brain and keep doing all their work like a normal frog.

It is like this that we have to know about many animals that live without a head but frog I live in the head, but after removing the brain from it, scientists have told in their research to investigate how they live.


That a brainless frog acts in the same way as a normal frog and if you pitch it, it will run in exactly the same way. And if you add it to the water, then it will also float in the water and the load will also come out if necessary.

And by seeing this, you will not be able to recognize that it is a Frog without any brain.

7. Flies

Even in the freezing winter of flies, it takes life to be alive and many times it gets cold, but it also keeps its body in the fridge.


Flies also live without neck and this form has no effect on their male partner and she does not commit to sex with females without a neck.

8. Turtles

Friends, the turtle is also an organism that has many naturalistic properties and is also called the Heart of Fish Reptile Bird Mounds, and the turtle acts as a natural paste for mad goin cells and comes from the brain. Ones. Signs do not reach their heart due to some reason.

Due to which the brain does not know whether the heart of the turtles is working properly or not and there is no connection between the heart and the brain, many times the heart of the turtle keeps working even after their brain is dead.

Top 10 animals that live after death
Top 10 animals that live after death

After this, their heart works by the amount of oxygen and nutrients flowing by itself and Animals that can live after death.

And even after dying, a turtle can live for 6 months and keep taking oxygen present in the water from their skin and their body keeps producing energy like this.

And turtles have their own energy in their heart so that they can do their work without the help of the brain.

9. Snake

On seeing the snake, there is a very dangerous image in our brain, and on seeing it, there are 3 types of thoughts in our brain, like kill it or cut its throat or run away from it.

Let me tell you that there is a bag of poison in the head of a snake that is attached to its teeth and if this snake bites a creature, then it poisons so much that it kills that creature.


And even if you cut its throat from its body, it is equally dangerous and it has the power to bite any creature and it can also poke so much poison from its severed head that the hunter’s May know.

The snake has heat-detecting cells that allow it to feel the heat of any organism it encounters, after which it attacks it without stopping.

Even after separating from the cells found on its head, it continues to work for many hours, so do not ever go near any bitten snake, it can also be your fault. This Animal can live after death.

10. Flatworm

You may have heard this story from your elders that if earthworms are cut, then they become two different earthworms and both also live.

But this is just a story, but this story has been made true by another creature known as a flatworm, it divides its body into 2 parts to increase its population.


And it regenerates any part of its body very easily and if you cut a flatworm from the middle, both parts of it will form different flatworms.

And even if you cut twenty pieces of this creature, then even then these flatworms will be prepared by them.

And once scientists had taken a flatworm to the lab to find out the same thing, after cutting it, they have formed a Zada colony with 20,000, and today it is a creature that cannot be killed.

This organism itself dies of a disease

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