Biography of prime minister Modi | Reality of Narendra Modi Ji.

Today We are Going to tell you about the Biography of prime minister Modi, He is really Legend Person of India and one of the best Prime Minister Of India. He is a World Most Power Full Persone and Very Famous prime minister Narendra Modi. we can’t ignore sheer Narendra Modi Life Style.

Shree Narendra Modi Life Style Is very Simple But He Was very Honest, patriot, The Spirit, by that all are quality he got the success Of his’s life.

Shree Narendra Modi Born In Very poor Family. when he was a child. he used to work with his father for supporting a family. Shree Narendra Modi Used to sell tea in train.

Date Of Birth Shree Narendra Modi

Shree Narendra Modi, Born On 17 September 1950 Bombay State Vodnagar. On May 1, 1960 Bombay State Was split into the two-state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Shree Narendra Modi, Birth Palace is Gujrat.

Shree Narendra Modi Father and Mother Name.

Shree Narendra Modi Father Name is Damodar Mulchand Modi and Mother Name Is Heeraben Modi. They were Very Poor and they used to live in Kutcha Houses. Shree Narendra Modi is the third son of his parents, he has 6 siblings. Shree Narendra Modi’s father used to sell tea on railway station. and he was also selling tea on the railway station and support his family.

Biography of prime minister Modi

Shree Narendra Modi education life.

During selling tea as well as he used to do study and read the book. Shree Narendra Modi’s teacher was saying about him, he was a good student but Shree Narendra Modi loves to participate function in a school day and he love to play the game. Shree Narendra Modi finished his 12 class from Vodnagar state.

Married Life Of Shree Narendra Modi.

Only In 13-Year-old Shree Narendra Modi engagement with Yashodaben Chamanlal. and in 17 years old, they got Married. According to Financial Expres after Married after some time they split up. but according to Shree Narendra Modi biographer he does not agree on this point.

Biography of prime minister Modi

He says Shree Narendra Modi Got Married with Yashodaben Chamanlal but they never together. after Married Shree Narendra Modi leaves the home. and Shree Narendra Modi Married. was finished. Shree Narendra Modi thinks that unmarried people can better fight with corruption.

India China war and India Pakistan war

This wartime, Shree Narendra Modi used to sell tea and food for the Indian army in the railway station and 1971 he advertises For RSS And all the time Shree Narendra Modi gives his time to RSS. he Used to get Up In 5oclock and worked. because of the Promoter of RSS. Shree Narendra Modi. Used to listen to poor People’s Problems.

Shree Narendra Modi Was a Very Important part of BJP(BHARTIYA JANTA PARTY) IN 1975 Prime Minister of INDRA GANDHI announced emergency and restriction of RSS. Still, secretly Shree Narendra Modi was against the wrong gave.

Shree Narendra Modi writen a book.

Shree Narendra Modi has written a book and this book name is Sangharsh Maa Gujarat in This book Shree Narendra Modi about Gujrat political analysis. in 1980 Shree Narendra Modi got a degree from Gujrat University. looking at good work in RSS Shree Narendra Modi appointed for BJP.

IN 1990 Shree Narendra Modi organized Ayodhya yatra by this activity BJP senior leader was very happy. for this, all are work Shree Narendra Modi increases the importance Of BJP.

Gujarat Assembly Election 1995

End of the Moment Shree Narendra Modi Hrad work he is won the election of Assembly but Shanker sing Vaghela resigned for a verbal fight with Shree Narendra Modi.after that Keshubhai Patel was a CM of Gujrat. and Shree Narendra Modi called to come to Delhi in BJP give responsibility for a Kendra Mantri.

How Shree Narendra Modi become CM.

Shree Narendra Modi played this responsibility very good way. in 2001 Keshubhai Patel was not good in health. And BJP Losing the Election. after that BHARTIYA JANTA PARTY gives an Operchunity to Shree Narendra Modi For Gujrat CM.

Shree Narendra Modi started work as a CM In Gujrat on 7 October 2001 after that Shree Narendra Modi contested on this election Shree Narendra Modi won during his work Shree Narendra Modi handle his work very goodly. and make strong Gujrat again.

Shree Narendra Modi Send electricity in the village and support tourism. Asia’s biggest solar panel construction in Gujrat. Shree Narendra Modi made Gujarat the best city in India. with this Shree Narendra Modi was the best CM of Gujrat.

Shree Narendra Modi was the Gujrat Longest Service Chief minister for his good work. seeing success in Gujrat. senior Neta of BJP Announced to Shree Narendra Modi is a candidate for the 2014 prime minister election. after that Shree Narendra Modi become a 15 prim minister of India.

Shree Narendra Modi our vegetarian and he take a fast Shree Narendra Modi is health-conscious. they Do Yoga every day. Shree Narendra Modi loves his mother.

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