Cyclone Amphan live update | Cyclone Amphan Highest Speed

Cyclone Amphan live updates. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued an alert of tropical cyclone ‘Amphan’ developing over the Bay of Bengal a few days ago. As predicted it hits the Indian coast of Orissa and West Bengal on 20 May in the evening. In the wake of the current situation, PM Narendra Modi did a high-level meeting after which SDRF and NDRF have issued guidelines and prepared for overcoming the challenges once the cyclone passes over.

How cyclone Amphan Got Name.

Ever wondered How Cyclones Got Their Name and who named them. The trend of giving a name to the cyclone which occurs in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal started back 15 years ago. The eight countries namely Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan Srilanka, and Thailand. The current name Amphan is being given by Thailand.

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Cyclone Amphan highest wind speed.

Amphan is a super cyclone and considered to be the biggest cyclone in the last 20 years. Super cyclone is a rapidly rotating system of air that carried an enormous amount of wind due to low-pressure Centre which causes the air around to whirl around its Centre called the eye of the cyclone. A cyclone that has a speed of more than 74 nautical miles is called a super cyclone. Amphan is said to be the strongest cyclone in the history of the Bay of Bengal.

Effects Of Cyclone Amphan.

In its initial stages, this cyclone has created havoc in Sri Lanka and some eastern coast of India on 16 May by causing the heavy amount of rain. During its course to the northeastern movement, it will hit severely in Bengal Orissa Bangladesh. As a result, thousands of shelter home has been made temporarily in India to mitigate the effect.

Preventive measures are taken by the government.

Soon after the meeting PM took to twitter to assure all possible help to State. Nearly 25 NDRF teams have been deployed and 12 others are in reserve to tackle any kind of situation. Also, 24 units of NDRF are on Stand by mode in different parts of the country. Nearly 3 lakh people have been evacuated and being put in a safe place. A fisherman has been advised not to visit the coast on 21 May. Amid the COVID pandemic where huge numbers of low wages workers are moving towards Bengal, assuring social distancing would be a major challenge.

According to news and all live update, this Amphan Cyclone is very dangerous for those people who live there and dangerous for Bangladesh and Amphan Cyclone is a super cyclone because. A cyclone that has a speed of more than 74 nautical miles is called a super cyclone.

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