George Floyd protests live updates: What Trump Will Do?

George Floyd protests live updates

Corona Crisis The most affected US has been going through another crisis for some time. After the death of a black person in Maina Police, many provinces and cities of America are disturbed, according to experts, this is the first time black iron has come on the streets on such a large scale against their rights and inequality present in American society.

Like a stampede on the streets of America, 1000 people are demonstrating on the streets, nor are they afraid of the coronavirus, nor are the police firing such demonstrations in many parts of America for many days.

George Floyd protests live updates
George Floyd protests live updates

The riots started near the White House during a demonstration in Washing Ton during the protest which took place after the death of a human being in police custody 1 week ago. And the police had to fire tear gas shells.

These performances continued for 6 days. By the end of the week, these demonstrations had reached about 75 cities. Last night, police and demonstrations in New York Chicago fought and a curfew was imposed in many cities.

Even after this, the protesters set fire to the police car and even robbed text in many cities of America. It is being said that the person who died is not the first person who has died in these conditions, this is the issue of raising the line of dividing the society of America.

Black Lives Matter campaign started with this, in the library 2012 in Florida, a 17-year-old man was shot by a victim who was accused of murder but later he was released.

Black Lives Matter campaign
Black Lives Matter campaign

In 2014, in New York, a video of another 43-year-old man was killed, in which a video of him was revealed, after tightening the screws of the police officer, he was heard saying that he is not able to breathe.

A police personnel was fired after the death of Floyd’s death during his protest against the death of George’s mother Joe Floyd, but there was no case against him.

In 2014, an 18-year-old boy also fell victim to a policeman’s bullet, after which the policeman was removed from all charges, after which there were protests across the country.

Who was George Floyd, whose death caused America to burn?

Now America is going through violent paradoxes, after the death of a black man, there are sit-in demonstrations in America and this demonstration has taken violent form, and curfew has been imposed in many cities.

According to BBC reports, 46-year-old George Floyd belonged to the African-American community In connection with this work, he had come to Minia Police, he used to work as a security guard and used to live in the house of the person who used to work.

Who was George Floyd, whose death caused America to burn
America to burn

And he lived there for 5 years and has a 6-year-old daughter who lives with her mother Floyd was also known as Big Floyd. He loved the city so much that Floyd had detained on 25 May, after which he died.

In the video released on the day of detention, he was not arrested by a police officer and stabbed him in the knee and killed the police. According to police, Floyd had been accused of buying Dari from a shop through a 20-dollar fake note. People took to the streets demanding new.

What Trump Will Do? For George Floyd protests

The condition of the entire city has become so bad after the death of a black man through the police of the United States, according to CNN, curfew has been imposed in Surrey America.

President Donald Trump is threatening the Protesters that they will send the army and get everything fixed. While in the United States, former national husband Barack Obama, who became the national husband of the first African country, has told the use of force against the protesters through Trump, the US government has tried to tell the conspiracy of Russia and Iran and China in the middle of the Protest there.

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Donald Trump went to the wight house with his family in a bunker. Today’s latest news is that as the situation worsens in America, the President has to go to the bunker and read his life, still the Trump Protesters are threatening the army.

Before now they were threatening the Protesters with dangerous dogs and Hatiyaro to silence the Protesters and now Trump says if these riots do not stop then they will deploy the army when all is well.

Riots have increased after this threat from their side, according to many news channels, riots have intensified after Trump’s statement and riots erupted on the seventh day in wight house’s Rose Garden. A protester set fire to a shopping mall done

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

And even reports of a robbery in the store are reported by Donald Trump. In his statement, the Mayor and the Governor must ensure strict observance of the law till the tension is over if a city or state takes necessary steps to protect the lives and property of the citizens. If we refuse, then the army will be deployed and their problem will be overcome immediately.

After the release of this statement, Donald Trump got out of the wight house and went to the same way to the Jonze Church, which was cleaned by the police from the Protester.

In the church, Trump has taken photos with his daughter and a journal in a Bible report. It is said in the report that Trump wants to say that everything is in his control and if he is seen, then the whole situation is uncontrollable.

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