Is TikTok Ban in India | #TIKTOK – Right Or Wrong.?

Is TikTok Ban in India this is a very serious matter for Indian according to the current situation? this topic is very trending in India. Because some people think this application is not good. but I want to tell you this topic is not new in India. before some time also some people were saying about Tik Tok. we should ban this application. But all people ignored. this topic now this situation is very serious. and different.

Is TikTok Ban in India?

firstly we talk about the negative topics. If you will see on twitter this #bantiktok is trending in India and if you will notice on play store TikTok rating is decreasing day by day. means that Indian people are hating TikTok application. and they all are want to Ban TikTok. well everyone knows there is a two factor positive and negative.

Negative think in Tiktok.

  1. No Dislike Button.

Yes, this is a very bad thing in TikTok. There is a no dislike button because there is a different type of person on TikTok. and day by day they are creating a video. and they don’t know which type of video they are creating. and that is a very big reason TikTok has lots of cringe content. and some people say there is a Lil amount of cringe content. but my opinion is that TikTok has 95% cringe content.

5% CONTENT is good on TikTok. because some people are creating a good and motivated, educated video. and you will find some entertaining videos on TikTok.

  1. No freedom of speech on TikTok.

If You will create a video against a TikTok and everyone know TikTok is a Chinese application. if you will create a video against the Chinese and china government TikTok will delete your video and they will never promote your video. and by this you cant get views.

If you will see YOUTUBE there is a full of freedom and if you will create a video against YOUTUBE they will not delete your video and improve our application. if you think you don’t have any kind of freedom of speech so really this application is not good.

  1. vulgar content on TikTok.

when you will use TikTok you will notice there are many types of vulgar videos you cant see with your family. which is not good at all.
because there is a lot of children, youth, college student, parents are using a mobile phone and TikTok also. and TikTok not improving that kind of mistake.

  1. TikTok is not safe for children.

If you will notice there are more children using TikTok application and there is a vulgar content so I think so this application is not for children. and this is not safe. as you can see all our students, youth, children using TikTok.

  1. The algorithm of Tiktok is not good.

if you will notice the TikTok algorithm is not working properly. you will see anytime wrong video shown by the wrong person on TikTok application. they don’t know which type of video recommended of any person. they always show useless video. there is no mater there are children who are using phon ya another person. this is not good.

  1. tiktok using indan people mobile data.

privacy is the most important part of our life. we should know TikTok is a chines application. what we are doing with mobile phones and which type of photos we have, what we are searching for, and what is your phone number. and email id, means that how TikTok is using this data. and we don’t know what they are doing with this.

  1. Tiktok For Youth good or bad.

Nowadays everyone wants to make a video and all are want to be a famous special Indian youth. they are crazy about creating video for TikTok and wasting the time. for my money, the TikTok application is destroying the youth future. even you will notice there are many parents who support TikTok videos, which is not good.

Positive Think In Tiktok.

1.Tiktok use #edutalk.

You can see TikTok is a short video platform and main motive is entertainment. But TikTok positive thing is they support #edutalk yes this is true. if you will go on TikTok this is the program ya you can say this is a campaign. TikTok is promoting who is using TikTok in the village and who is not educated. they tell to people what is right or wrong. and how to be inspired. and how you can get knowledge.

2. Tiktok using Mat Kar Forward.

Yes Recently Tiktok promoting one more campaign and that campaign name is Mat Kar Forward. in this video. they want to tell in social media there is a very bad thing and they want to share hate, using the abusing word, and they talk about fake news that all are very wrong.

3. Tiktok Donates medical equipment worth RS. 100 Crore to India.

This is very big news and everyone should know about this useful information about TikTok. and TikTok is very helpful for those people who want to show talent. yes, TikTok has 5% good content yes TikTok has some good content. this is a very good platform for those people who don’t have money. we don’t know Is TikTok Ban in India but 95% chance is TikTok will ban because people are very angry about it.

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