Locust Attack In India 2020 -Solution Of Locust Attack.

locust attack in India is a very big problem for India in nowadays Everyone is Facing This Problem Now nowadays. But some Stupid People Think About This locust attack. This is a Planning Of Pakistan. Because locust comes From Pakistan and Pakistan Send This locust.

What Are Locusts.?

Firstly We should Know About Locusts. There are many types of insects but Locust. is very similar in Grasshopper, Cricket, even that all are insects belong to the same family.

What Are Locusts
What Are Locusts
  1. Locust.
  2. Grasshopper
  3. Cricket

But Different Think is in Locust, This Insectas have to Phases because, when Locust is Alone it’s very simple and normal its called Solitary Phases. But If They Are in-crowd and envermentel condition is good then these insects change the body structure and behavior, habits, everything is changing in this Insects.

What Changing Locust Got.

  1. Eating habits
  2. More Endurance
  3. Rapid Movements
  4. Brain Size Enlargement.

and very interesting things are that they can normal again but the condition is that. Rain, Moist Soil, and Vegetable.

How Bad Are Locust Plagues?

They are very Dangerous for our farmer and Locust Swarms is very big. like 2,400 sq kilometers.and in Locust Swarm minimum 150,000,00 Locust / SQ KM. one Locust Swarm can have food like 2,500 people. now you can think about Locust Swarm how they are dangerous for India and How Bad Are Locust Plagues.

History Of Locust Plague.?

last time in 1993 that Locust attack in India. but this is not recent think. These Attacks Have Happened Throughout History. In the Oldest culture also drow a picture of Locust men’s that in that time also used to locust attack. and that the Oldest culture date is 2400BC.

History Of Locust Plague

That is very Big Reson many Religion mentions that locust attack like the Bible and Quran. This is not a new problem for humans this is the very Oldest Problem For All.

Cause Of Recent Attack.

This is a very Big Question For all why that all are locust attack IS Happening. so the answer is because of Climate change yes this is the right answer to this question. in East Africa, December 2019 very heavy rain came in. because of the heavy rain right environment is created for the locust and that who’d be a good time for breeding in a very large population.

in Feb 2020 east Africa plague of locusts, then this locust flock went in the east then came in Iran and Pakistan. now it is in India. the second reason is Cyclone Amphan is forcing that Locust in India.

Solution Of Locust attack.

Now Question is that what is the Solution Of Locust attack, what we can do to solve this particular nad very big problem for India.

Solution Of Locust attack.
Solution Of Locust attack.
  1. Insecticides and Pesticides.
  2. ECO-Friendly Pesticides.
  3. Loud Noises.

But that all are solution is not permanent that all are have Drawbacks. BUT one more unique and creative solution made by Pakistan. in Pakistan one man makes a solution h say. we should say to the farmer to collect that Locust. and sell Pakistan government. and the Pakistan government gives money for it.

Pakistani government uses this Locust to use as chicken feed because it has 70 % protein and Locust is a protein source.

Thank You So Much For Reading Locust Attack In India 2020 same like that i have one more informative blog want to read so.

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