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Reality of Indian media

Hello, Friends Today We Are going to tell you about the Reality of Indian media and we are going to Expose Indian media. we all know in India has some famous news channels.

  1. Zee News
  2. Aaj Tak
  3. India Tv.
  4. News18 India.

You should be noticed that all are always at the top In TRP. That all are News Channels Debate any Particular Topic In Evening Time. they try to solve any particular topic in Debate.

Reality of Indian media

But the problem is that. if you will notice they always talk about in the same topic like,

  1. Pakistan.
  2. obsession party.
  3. news about PM Modi.
  4. trending Topic.

means that only 40% they discuss a good topic. they all are interested in Pakistan. as compared to whats going on in India.

the job of the media is to give a voice of people. fight for the public. that News channels try to brainwash the public.

but there are some good journalists who always raise their voice for the public. in September 2019 one journalist showed the News of Uttar Pradesh school. which type of Midday meal government providing to students.

means that Uttar Pradesh’s government not providing good meals for student government giving to the student. salt and chapati. this is Reality Of Indian Media.

after that in response the police arrest that journalist and charges of criminal conspiracy on him. they don’t fix the problem but arrest that journalist.

Reality of Indian media
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June 2019 one journalist. was doing a story on a train derailment in Uttar Pradesh. after that Uttar Pradesh police arrest the journalist. and kept in a lock-up. and by police thrashed that journalist in lock up.

just because of a journalist. exposing train derailments happen. so this is the Reality Of Indian Media.

the Government has full of control over the media and all news channels. but there is hope in the internet they always try to provide one of the best news like Top Heading.

So question is that can Indian Government can control the internet of India. is this possible?

if this is possible so what is the solution to this problem. I Just Want To Give You Example Of China.

Great Firewall Of China.

China Have internet Censorship infect in 2017 stated that China is the world’s worst country in matters of internet freedom. their censorship name is the Great Firewall Of China.

in china google, Facebook, and youtube are banned. chin made clones like that all our website.

You can not criticize the china government on its website. china government blocks some Keyword.

if you will search a keyword like criticized china government then you automatically are blocked and china’s government sends police to your area.

Great Firewall Of China
Great Firewall Of China

some years ago someone made one meme of comparing the Chinese president Winnie the pooh.

this is a very famous cartoon everyone knows about it. when that meme is viral in china then china’s government ban this cartoon in china.

So you can imagine how the china government is the Great Firewall Of China. this is only cartoon and jokes if we talk about seriously so china government deletes the history for brainwash public.

Chinese Google is Baidu. if you will search on Baidu about the 1989 Tiananmen square protest, then you would get nothing on it.

but if you will search on google the same thing you will get all history and knowledge about it.

the Chinese government doesn’t want the public to know about these protests so the Chinese government does not want to protest like that in the future.

The Chinese government doesn’t want the public to raise their voice for the rights. the Chinese government has a team of thousands of lakh people whose dole task is it.

monitor 24/7 and find that person who is speaking against china’s government on the internet. that need to be blocked and their voice.

This censorship has a detrimental effect on China as well as the Chinese government. think about it if the people living there are unable to access the internet of the rest of the world.

they cant get what is happening in the world. scientists of china not able to find any problem and can’t get inspiration.

I think this is a reason in Western companies have an Indian CEO but there is no Chinese person and did you ever listen to Chinese CEOs.

Which Country Ban News Channels

  1. IRAN

One time in Iran banned news channel and that news channel name is BBC. AND Burundi, Lavanda, and China also ban BBC News. that country says that News Channels show News Agins that country. But Reality is that BBC news channels show the news again that government.

2. Pakistan

Pakistan Ban Aljazeera News Channels the same reason because Aljazeera Show the news against Pakistan’s Government.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia also bans News and says if you make a joke and post satire on social media then Saudi Arabia Government sends you in jail.

Now let’s See What will happen in India, but in India, many people also report some problem in social media on Aprile 2019 Some Website and

Ban News Channels
Which Country Ban News Channels

Social media application is not working and blocking without Resone And without any information, Notification.

But after someday, that application Unblocked them again.

June 2019 Indian Government Say to Whats app make it message traceable for this Government can get who send the message after that what app says no to do this.

But the Indian Government wanted it done because it said that wanted to reduce fake news.

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