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Shubham Panchal – Editor-in-Chief

Shubham Panchal is a very prominent person of this he is really knowledgeable person he has experience of Digital marketing. he has 5 years of experience In This profile Shubham Panchal manages the team of Top Heading. Shubham Panchal also writes some Articles and share informative information with us. he always motivates our team.

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Shubham Gulati – Editor

Shubham Gulati is Editor Of with 5 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry. he loves to write Article and share much information Shubham Gulati have an amazing knowledge of Entertainment. he loves to handle sports and Entertainment news.

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Yogesh Kuradiya – Author

Yogesh Kuradiya author of Yogesh Kuradiya has also 5 years of experience in digital marketing industry. he is really amazing person. he is always trying to motivate everyone. he has also one Blogging Website and he is doing good work he is very good content writing skills.

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Anushka Panchal – Author

she is very intelligent girl and she is perfect on her work and she is the author of with two years of experience in the E-commerce marketing industry. she is always ready to work with us and always complete her work on time and Anushka Panchal writes content about news and Entertainment.

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Rahul – Author

Rahul is author of Rahul has 5 years of experience in digital marketing industry. Rahul is a very positive and cool mind persons he can solve any kind of problem in heartbeat. Rahul Write Article For he has amazing knowledge of content writing.

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Karan Sharma – Content-Writer

Karan Sharma is a Content-Writer. he works for Karan is a graphic designer also and he writes content and creates a creative image for he loves to write unique content.

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