TikTok vs YouTube – What Is Better..?

Youtube vs TikTok both of the platforms is useful in their own way. Both of them have their own safety guidelines and laws. Violating rules of both platforms can result in a penalty or video deletion. Now firstly we are going to know about youtube. Youtube is a very big platform for people who have skills in making video and for those who have courageous, educational content but nowadays it is very hard to be in people’s eyes. Youtube is a way of earning money.

How is TikTok different from YouTube?

Tiktok- it is an application made by China. In TikTok vs Youtube you can post your own video, Tiktok allows video for up to 1 min only. It is also good platform to show the skill of acting, singing, dancing, painting, etc. Many people become a star after showing their skill. Nowadays companies are investing in Tiktok for promoting their product. Most of all everything and everyone has good sides and bad sides and by sponsorship tik toker earn money.

What is bad about TikTok?

In TikTok, some people make very bad videos and some make cringe content. some give us the right knowledge and some give us wrong knowledge so we have to be aware of that. But if we see according to our present situation in India we should not support TikTok as Chinese products and applications for mobiles are being banned.

What is more popular YouTube or TikTok?

if We talk about the Popularity of Tik Tok vs Youtube then we can see tik tok user base is very high You Tube is user base is also very high but if we talk about second search engine in the world so youtube is no.1, there is a lot of content and we can get any kind of knowledge on youtube. Tik Tok User Base is Basically 16 to 20 but if we see the age group of youtube it will start 19 to 35 and else.

Who Is More Talented. Tik Tok vs YouTube.?

it is only base on persons who is more talented. if we talk about TIK TOK. if you are an entertainer, dancer, your moves are so good you are a magician you can show in 1 min your talent so you can do best on Tik Tok, and if you are like a lecturer you cant perform your self on tik Tok. and you have to be good looking on Tik Tok Because of its reality if you won’t attract someone in a short time. so you have to be good looking and different from others like you have to color your hair and like you should have a more attractive look.

If We talk about YouTube you don’t need to be smart and good looking on youtube. if you are a simple person and you are providing any kind of knowledge so you can do best on youtube.

Who has a large fan base? Tik Tok vs YouTube.

if we talk about the fan base and audience. Tik Tok Have glamor. when you see meet up there are a million people who want to meet tik toker and some Tik Toker feel like they are star and according to the fan base, this is true there are many people love tik star.

If We talk about Youber they are very normal personalities they don’t show like they are the star. Youtuber is very humble. if you will meet them they will behave very normally.so that is the difference between tik toker and Youtuber.

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