Top 10 intelligent countries in the world – Which One Best

Our Today’s Topic Is Top 10 Intelligent Countries In The World Which One Country Have the best high IQ Level. This Topic is very different from another topic. which country has the most intelligent person and which one is best.

Top 10 intelligent countries.

  1. Australia.

This country is Arnold and Hitler’s birth palace and this country gives to the world 21 Nobel Prize with a creative artist and scholar. this country gives to the world a sieving machine, Volkswagen, turbojet, doppler effect, and Porsche this country 9 year of education is free and compulsory and this country have a top education system. according to the latest serve. Australian people’s IQ is very good.

2. Canada

yes, Canada has lots of intelligence because the Canadian government spends lots of money on the education system. if we talk in easy language Canadian government spends per citizen $20000 that 14 lakh in Indian currency in Tertiary Education. and there is education is compulsory for everyone. Canada Give To World Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Warner Home Video, Kerosene, Java Programing, And Electric Light Bulb.

Top 10 intelligent countries in the world

3. Switzerland

This is the land of the best chocolate. best of the best cars. and the very best thing is that best watches. they never join any kind of war ya politics scandal. this is those countries who give to the world Albert Anstine, he is also a symbol of intelligence. Switzerland people have one of the best IQ Levels and education systems. Switzerland gives to the world Nestle, Chevrolet, and the birth of Relativity and very big think Bernoullis Theorem, and they have 26 Nobel Prize.and one f the best Particle Physics Laboratory.

4. Germany

Germany average IQ- 100 BUT Number of Nobel Prize 107 and Germany To the World Karl Benz Of MERCEDES Benz, Alois Alzheimer that all are from Germany There is an Education System Is Free But They Fourc To Be a Practical knowledge that is very Big Reson they have Very Good IQ lEVEL This Is The Best Country In The World.

5. United Kingdom

This Country Is Also an Amazing Country And the United Kingdom has 132 Nobel Prize And Average IQ Level Of United Kingdom 102 and they have Oxford University and Cambridge University with imperial College London most Populer University they have this Country forces to be Educated. The United Kingdom Gives to the world Isaac Newton Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, as well as Stephen Hawking and Charles Babbage.

Top 10 intelligent countries in the world

6. Taiban

Taiban Literacy Rte is 98.7 and Taiban Student is Very Intelligent of another country, Taiban People Speak Chins Language and This Is One Of The Hardest Language In The World. If You Can Speak Chins Language Then Your Average IQ lEVEL Is 104.

7. China

You Can go Everywhere of any Kind Of Shop You Will See Made In China is One Of the best Country Who Can Create anything that you want and They are Best In Evry Field. China Give To World Ancountable Thing Like, Green Tea, Paper, Compose mobile phone, and laptop that all think from china. in this country, 98.4 and 94.% Female is Educated.

8. South Korea

South Korea always Supports to Education System and South Korea People Think Education Is Most Important Part Of Life that is very big reason South Korea People IQ Level Is 106. and South Korea Give a Funding Public And Private Scool.

9. Japan

Japan Is Very Intelligent Country Japan Gives To The World, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, HONDA, SONY, etc. and best thing is that Japan has 26 Nobel Prie.

10. Singapore

Singapore is the number one country in INTELLIGENCE Singapore IQ Level is 108 they always come number one in Olympia game and the best thing is that the Singapore education system is a rigorous systematic and test-solving approach designed. This is Really Intelligent Country in the world.

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