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What Is Bot In Pubg

What Is Bot In Pubg This Is Very Big Question To All Now We Will Tell You About This. A bot is a character who programmed based AI system. they are controlled by the Pubg mobile server and they had less-skilled instead of any other players and you can kill easily. bots never jump and nor loot.they don’t have any squad and team.

They never run fastly and you catch easily. they are totally based AI program They shoot is only when you are near their 100 mater. you can even kill a bot with normal weapons like males. however they shoot and kill you when you knock out.bot is a very important character in any virtual game. Now You Know About What Is Bot In Pubg

How to identify bot in Pubg?

All bots are dressed as a real player and that’s why it is very hard to identify and understand them by there wears. so how bots look like with other real players. they have backpack guns helmets and heals you can also watch them by their behavior one easy way to find him that you should from far of a distance over 100 to 50 meters.

Bots have proof that they run very slow. Bota always fires on a burst or single tap. Bots always single tap and fire at you Bots always fire slowly at you

How many bots are there in Pubg

There is no certain number of bots deployed in PUBG. Actually, there is no maths regarding the deployment of bots in PUBG mobile. Bots are AI or computer-controlled players in the game. So there is no ratio.

They are just computer-controlled players where they are used to fill the empty spaces in a game to 100 players. For example 87 real human players join a game in PUBG but the game rule is that there has to compulsorily be 100 players in a game, So the remaining 13 player’s position is occupied by the bots.

What is a noob In Pubg

NOOB means that who is a beginner in Pubg. they don’t know how to play. People these scold other players who don’t play the game well.. But remember, everyone is a noob at the beginning and an ultra pro at the end. And also, not all players turn in to pros’ until they play the game with interest, addiction and for a long time…. Sometimes, these playing skills build player’s career ..But when they are too many competitors,

then addiction makes the player a failure. Surely. Never addict to any game. Never addict to any game.

Where to find bots in Pubg mobile

BOTS are spawn entire the map. Mostly the bots are spawn around the players. You can also see bots in hot-drop locations like pachinko or military base. They are also found in that location where there is only one squad, to make the game easier. But in the middle of the game all bots are killed by players or remaining by zone. Bots are also found in Pubg where there are offline players. This Is Oficial Website Pubg.com

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